From inception, Healing Herbs has been devoted to making authentic Bach flower essences, while encouraging a better understanding of their application.

We are committed to a policy of self-directed learning, which is why we created the Bach Flower Learning Programme. This subject can often appear complex – our guided overview will help you fill in the gaps to what is currently available.

The Bach Educational Resource and Healing Herbs are both referenced throughout the programme to help you progress through the course. Those that are new to Bach flower essences, as well as those looking for an alternative perspective will find great benefit from the programme. It is written in a linear narrative but engineered to be accessed anywhere throughout the timeline of the course.

At its heart is the idea that by observing the Bach flower plants themselves and by keeping note of your own responses, you will find out more both about yourself and the Bach flowers – a process inextricably aligned.

The programme is free to use by anyone interested in the life journey embodied by the essences and the plants from which they are made.

To Gain Freedom, Give Freedom‘ Dr Edward Bach